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sent by: Natasha Wiebe
     Little Red Riding Wolf
     There once was a nice, little wolf called Little Red Riding Wolf. She got this name when she got a little red hood and cape in an open pasture from an `employee`. She couldn`t believe her good fortune. She had always wanted a hood and cape.
     Anyway, one day Grandmother Wolf called saying that she was sick and wanted some cow meat but was too sick to get it herself. So Little Red Riding Wolf went to the pasture with a basket to get some meat. She left a little flower in its place. Then she continued on her way to Grandmother Wolf`s house.
     Suddenly this chubby boy was in front of her. Little Red Riding Wolf was startled. She had never seen a boy before. She jumped. `Oh, sorry. I didn`t mean to scare you.` said the boy in his most syrupy, sweet voice. `That`s okay.` the non-suspecting wolf replied. `What wonderful fur she has. It`ll sell for at least fifty dollars.` the mean boy thought. `So where are you off to?` he asked. Little Red Riding Wolf answered, ` I`m off to my sick grandmother`s to give her some meat.` ` Maybe she`ll tell me where her grandmother lives and then I can get both furs!` the greedy boy thought. `Where does your grandmother live?` the boy questioned. `She lives deep in the woods by three tall oaks.` the young wolf said. `Jackpot! I even know a shortcut there!` the boy thought wickedly. `Well, I should be going now. You know, important business to attend to. Bye.` he said. `Okay, Goodbye.` the wolf replied.
     The little boy raced to Grandmother Wolf`s house. When he got there, he pretended to be Little Red Riding Wolf. `Grandmother Wolf, it`s me, Little Red Riding Wolf, may I come in?` `Sure, dear. The door`s unlocked.` Grandmother Wolf replied.
     The boy runs in, catching Grandmother Wolf by surprise, and grabs Grandmother Wolf and stuffs her in the closet. `After I trap the other wolf I will call my dad and get him to tranquilize them. Then I will sell the furs and be rich! My plan is foolproof!` the wicked boy cackled.
     Just then he hears Little Red Riding Wolf coming. He gets into Grandmother Wolf`s spare clothes and dives under the blankets. `Grandmother Wolf, I`m here.` the wolf`s sing song voice called out. ` Come on in, my little grandchild. The door`s unlocked.`
     Little Red Riding Wolf walked in. Then she walked over to Grandmother Wolf`s bed stand and set the basket of cow meat on it. ` Grandmother Wolf, what small eyes you have?` `I`m wearing contacts instead of glasses now.` the boy replied. `Grandmother Wolf, what small ears you have?` `I`m not wearing my brown earmuffs today since its not as cold as yesterday.` the boy said. `Grandmother Wolf, what small teeth you have?` `They`ve gotten dull from all the chewing I do.` the boy answered . `Grandmother Wolf, what small paws you have?` `The nimbler to grab you with!` the boy said. Then he quickly grabbed her and threw her into the closet. Little Red Riding Wolf howled and howled. Meanwhile, the chubby boy locked the closet.
     Little did the boy know that Little Red Riding Wolf`s dad was working away in a pasture not that far away. When he heard Little Red Riding Wolf howl, he ran like crazy to Grandmother Wolf`s house. When he got there, he burst inside scaring the little boy. When the little boy saw Little Red Riding Wolf`s dad, his face went completely pale. Then he suddenly burst out crying and ran out the door. After that Little Red Riding Wolf`s father found Little Red Riding Wolf and Grandmother Wolf and unlocked the closet. So in the end everything turned out just right. Oh, and that chubby boy, well, lets just say he wasn`t as happy as the Wolf family.
     By: Natasha D. Wiebe
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