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sent by: Bob Alley
    Three people are in a prison camp, and decide to compare reasons for being sent there.
    The first one says: "I was late for work, so I was arrested for sabotage."
    The second one says: "I was early, so I was arrested for spying."
    The third one says: "I was on time; I was arrested for buying a foreign watch off the black market."
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The Finnish Prime Minister returns from Moscow and announces that there is a shortage of mouse oil in Russia. There was a line-up several kilometers long outside a building with the sign "MAUS OLEUM".
    A Jew, a German and a Russian are flying in a plane. God promises to great each one his wish. The German requests that there be no Russians on earth, and the Russian that there be no Germans on earth.
    The satisfied Jew asks for a cup of coffee
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An American, an Englishman and a Russian are teaching a cat to eat mustard.
    The first forces the cat to eat the mustard, the second tricks the cat, but the Russian covers the cat`s bottom with mustard. The cat licks it and squeals.
    The Russian: "He`s eating it willingly and he`s singing too!"
    Why did the Estonian put on a gas mask when a nuclear bomb landed on Moscow?
    To hide his smile
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