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Little John returns home from his first day of school.
    "So how was school?" asks his father.
    "Fine," admits the pupil. "I understood everything the teacher said, but I still don`t know what socialism is. Could you explain it to me, dad?"
    "In a way you can understand? Okay: once upon a time there was a big man : well, he was actually rather short and his name was `Lenin.` Originally his name wasn`t Lenin, but `Ulyanov.` And this Ulyanov had a friend - actually he wasn`t his friend, he was a scoundrel and his name was `Stalin.` Well, I did say his name was `Stalin,` but his name was really `Dzhugashvili.` And these two friends started the October Revolution. Actually, it wasn`t a real revolution, it was a putsch, and took place in November, not October ...."
    Little Johnny shakes his head and says, "Jesus, what a mess!"
    "Great," says his father, "You now understand socialism."
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Fidel Castro is visiting Moscow. Once alone with Krushev, he removes his wig and false beard and sighs: "I can`t do this anymore!"
    Krushchev: "You must, Fedya, you must!"
    The opening of the 1980 Olympic Games.
    Brezhnev: "O! O! O! O! O!"
    An advisor: "Those are the olympic rings, the text starts lower down!"
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Stalin and Truman are arguing whether there is more freedom in the USSR or in the USA. Truman: "In the USA, anybody can shout "Down with Truman!" in front of the White House." Stalin: "Anybody can shout "Down with Truman!" in Red Square too."
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