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An American, an Englishman and a Russian are teaching a cat to eat mustard.
    The first forces the cat to eat the mustard, the second tricks the cat, but the Russian covers the cat`s bottom with mustard. The cat licks it and squeals.
    The Russian: "He`s eating it willingly and he`s singing too!"
    Why did the Estonian put on a gas mask when a nuclear bomb landed on Moscow?
    To hide his smile
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Is a Russian a brother or a friend?
    A brother, because one can choose one`s friends
    Why don`t the Russians pass the Americans?
    They don`t want the Americans to see their bare bottoms.
    What people invented love?
    Russians, because it`s something one doesn`t have to pay for.
    Why do Russians have a long life expectancy?
    He who suffers will live a long life
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Ten Chukchas declare war on America.
    The Americans: "There are several hundred million of us."
    "Gosh, where will we bury you all!"
    A Chukcha visited America: "Life is just like at home - for a dollar you can buy anything, but a ruble is good for nothing!"
    A Chukcha was asked about other nationalities. He knew only Chukchas. - "But Estonians?"
    The Chukcha: "Estonians are cannibals. No-one who has gone to Estonia has ever returned."
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