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A NR meets a guy he went to school with. The guy is a miserably underpaid scientist in some academic institution.
    - I wonder how you could end up leading such lousy a life, - the NR remarks, - You were so brilliant at school. You understood all those things that used to beat my understanding...
    - And I wonder how you made such a success, - the schoolmate confides, - in the old days you didn`t even know how to compute a percentage of an integer...
    - Well, my story is simple, - the NR says, - I am buying a ton of iron ore for US$1, and selling it for US$2. This remaining one percent is my profit...
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After a car crash a NR is lying on the side of the road, weeping aloud.
    - Oh, my BMW! - he wails, - Oh, my BMW!!!
    A passer by is shocked by hearing it.
    - How can you cry about your car, when you`ve just lost your entire hand?!
    The NR evaluates the situation and resumes his cries:
    - Oh, my Rollex!
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Devil approaches a NR, offering to buy his soul.
    - How much are you ready to pay? - the NR asks.
    - Just any price you ask, - the Devil replies.
    - Hmmmm... What about fifteen 20 ft containers of mahogany?
    - No problems, - says the Devil readily.
    - Twenty containers?
    - No problems with it either.
    - Twenty five?!
    - You got it!
    The NR falls in a deeply pensive mood for a number of minutes.
    - Something wrong? - asks the Devil after a very long silence.
    - I just can`t figure out, where`s the cheat in the deal, - the puzzled NR confides
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