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Impotence is a depressing word for the condition known as erectile dysfunction. Men who suffer from these conditions rarely admit it and rarely discuss it with their peers. And they are most harmful to themselves. Impotence is a problem that can be solved. You must first recognize the problem and then begin to solve it.

The word impotence derives from the Latin impotence. Under this concept, modern medicine sees a broader spectrum of health deficits. This is not only an erection problem, but also a distaste of sex or an inability to achieve orgasm. As a result, doctors prefer the phrase erectile dysfunction, which is ideally suited to penile coughing issues.

Impotence affects both young and old men

Whoever believes impotence is a disease of the elderly is mistaken. Erectile dysfunction can bother men almost from the moment they become sexually active. However, the truth is that elderly patients are more prone to have this disease. This is mostly because they are suffering from a number of chronic diseases in their latter years, which, when combined with drugs, have a detrimental effect on their erection.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

The causes of impotence can be divided into two categories. The first is psychological in nature and emerges from the subconscious. This can be the result of work-related stress that we carry over into our personal lives, including intimate encounters. Depression and interpersonal issues might have a similar effect.
The second category of impotence causes is physical reasons. It is, in particular, a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and a lack of mobility. All four elements, alone or in combination, have a detrimental impact on blood circulation in the body, which is necessary for the start of an erection.
Illness is another cause of impotence that falls under the area of physical causes. It could be a number of prostate, vascular, or diabetic disorders, or the usage of drugs to treat these conditions.

Kamagra is the way to go

Ajatha sells Kamagra tablets and oral gel, which are essentially imitation concoctions that are meant to aid men with erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that there are an incredible number of guys who are experiencing similar challenges; the number of unreported cases is even higher because many do not dare to speak about it.
The cheap medicine includes the same components as Viagra and is manufactured in a similar manner. The sildenafil in the product ensures the desirable and increased blood flow in the penis. As a result, blood circulation is improved, and the man`s limb can remain erect for an extended period of time. With this cure, the erection can last up to four hours. Under some conditions, the sensation of pleasure can be enhanced. In order for the entire impact to occur, the intake should take place roughly 20 minutes before sex. The penis relaxes after sexual intercourse.
Kamagra, a sexual enhancer containing the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, genuinely makes "weary men perk up" and can ultimately provide men with sexual fulfillment through a stable erection. Erectile dysfunction is not a reason to be embarrassed or, more importantly, to hide. Furthermore, erectile dysfunction is not a permanent loss of sexuality, so it is essential not to worry and seek answers.  If you wish to try generic, start with a tiny quantity and gradually work your way up to avoid incurring needless risks - since no sex is worth risking your life for!

Consult your Doctor

Because erectile dysfunction is linked to a variety of conditions and drugs, people experiencing it should consult with a doctor they trust. Erectile dysfunction affects around five to six million males in Germany over the age of 65. However, only about ten to twenty percent of these people visit a doctor. In this instance, the health insurance companies reimburse the price of all essential examinations as part of the diagnosis. The doctor will also determine whether a referral to a urologist or a vascular specialist is required.
So, be brave and open up to your doctor about any diseases you may be experiencing. If your doctor "doesn`t want to know" about this topic, dismisses your concerns ("Everything will be fine"), or doesn`t know anything about it, there is only one thing to do: find another doctor as soon as possible.

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